The Clifford Group Marketing and Public Relations
The Clifford Group Marketing and Public Relations

The Clifford Group Team

The Clifford Group is a creative team of marketing and public relations professionals never satisfied to serve up cookie cutter solutions. Our goal is always to treat each project as a unique challenge – one that is benefited by our experience, but not bound by it.

Each team member brings her own skills, talents and ideas to the project at hand. Additional professionals possessing highly-specialized skills are available and brought on board as needed. This collaborative approach produces consistently exceptional results.

To put it simply, we get things done.

Cindy Clifford

Cindy Clifford, President

For almost 17 years, Cindy has focused continuously on the growth and success of her company, which began as a corporate events operation and evolved to become what is today one of Houston's most trusted marketing and public relations firms. She draws clients representing a range of industries, from financial, energy and real estate markets, to automobile dealers and airlines. Cindy is also well-versed in the high-tech and engineering arenas, and has experience working with government agencies at all levels.

Cindy's strength lies in her ability to listen, and quickly – almost instinctively – assess the situation at hand. She then puts her talent and experience to work by crafting effective marketing and public relations solutions and putting together the right "human resources" - both inside the company and out - to get the job done.

Margaret Menger

Margaret Menger, Public and Community Relations Specialist

Margaret brings more than 20 years of experience to the Clifford Group, with expertise in corporate marketing, public information, citizen involvement and political strategy. She is sharp, detail-oriented, and very comfortable in that sometimes-not-so-comfortable role of facilitating communication between people and their governments. Her unique ability to serve as a trusted liaison between the client, the project team, the government and the public, not only opens doors, but facilitates progress. 

Tiffany Estes

Tiffany Estes, Communications Specialist

Tiffany has more than 14 years of professional experience in advertising, graphic design, writing and management. She is particularly adept at crafting visual and written communications that convey the client’s message in a way that speaks to the audience. She also brings a strong ability to transform new or complex concepts into visual and written messages that are easily understood. Her portfolio includes work for clients in a range of industries, including business-to-business and retail sectors.

Amanda Stringer

Ellen Feely, Project Manager

Armed with an education in advertising and public relations and an incredible can-do attitude, Ellen has proven her ability to handle the most demanding projects without breaking a sweat. She approaches each assignment thoughtfully and creatively, while never taking her eye off the budget or the deadline. It's hard to miss her masterful organization skills, her friendly smile, or her talent for maintaining a sense of calm and order when anyone less would be overwhelmed.