The Clifford Group Marketing and Public Relations
The Clifford Group Marketing and Public Relations

Case Studies


Carter & Burgess (now Jacobs Carter Burgess)

The Clifford Group has worked directly with company executives to raise the visibility of Carter & Burgess over the last several years. We’ve leveraged our own community and political resources, as well as those of Carter & Burgess, to create opportunities for the firm to strengthen relationships with existing clients, potential clients and public officials.

The Clifford Group played a key role, for example, in working with Carter & Burgess to establish and develop Friends of the Airport, a regional and independent group of citizens who support and encourage the continued success of Houston's three main airports for their positive economic impact on the area.

We also developed Carter & Burgess's Election Analysis Luncheon, which features a panel of well-known local political experts and lively discussion during each major November election season.

Public and Community Relations

Houston Municipal Courts

When Houston’s Municipal Court system – the largest of its kind in the nation – implemented new technology for case management, the Clifford Group was chosen to communicate the improvements to internal staff, the media and the public. We advised and interacted with technological, administrative, and legislative leaders, developed communications that creatively carried the message to multiple audiences and recruited sponsors to underwrite portions of the mitigation plan.


The Clifford Group shared the lead in a successful marketing and lobbying effort to secure a $156 million retail concessions contract at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Working closely with fellow team member, the Hon. Zinetta Burney, we raised the visibility of HMS/Host over the course of a 19-month period, and positioned it for a winning contract bid. Our work included identifying specific needs of the airport system, creating a minority partnering team and developing relationships with elected officials.

Houston Image Group, City of Houston,
and Convention and Entertainment Department

The Clifford Group coordinated a major media event to mark the opening of the Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel and expansion of the George R. Brown Convention Center. We were charged with designing all visual elements, including invitations and signage, managing the event, securing participation of key leaders and organizing the media effort.

The Port of Houston Authority

When the decision was made to designate the Port of Houston as a Green Coffee Port by the New York Board of Trade, the media roll-out and public announcement had to be organized very quickly. The Port of Houston Authority turned to the Clifford Group for assistance. Within a very short timeframe, we coordinated a coffee-themed news conference packed with elected officials, arranged media interviews and produced educational materials to support the announcement.

We have since produced dozens of conferences, symposiums, special events and press briefings in multiple cities for the Port of Houston Authority.


Carter & Burgess (now Jacobs Carter Burgess)/METRO

Carter & Burgess hired the Clifford Group to manage the public involvement portion of METRO Solutions’ North-Hardy Planning Studies – a project that ultimately resulted in voter approval of a comprehensive transit plan, and identification of a locally preferred transit strategy. Accountable to and part of a larger team, our role encompassed the identification of outreach targets, involvement of key organizations, coordination of stakeholder meetings and development of all project communications – including public notices, newsletters, a website and other tools.

Following successful completion of the initial contract term, we were retained to provide similar services through the project’s second phase, leading to preparation of a draft environmental impact statement. Our company has since been hired to provide public involvement services for two other transit corridors under study by METRO Solutions. 

and Visual Communications

The Port of Houston Authority/Beneficial Uses Group

As part of the marketing and public relations team contracted to work with the Port of Houston Authority, the Clifford Group serves in various capacities, including marketing communications development. In this role, we developed a brochure and e-newsletter to create public awareness of the Beneficial Uses Group – a partnership of eight local, state and federal agencies collectively responsible for the creation of wetlands from dredged material originating in and around the Houston Ship Channel. Their work represents the largest wetland project of its kind in the nation.

The Port of Houston Authority

Working with a client team consisting of community organizations, government representatives and business interests, the Clifford Group was charged with introducing Houston’s first waterway trash skimmer, the Mighty Tidy, to the public. We were initially hired to develop and execute the media launch, but quickly realized there was enough community interest in the project to make consensus building a critical step in the process. We identified the challenges and quickly crafted a plan to engage various groups prior to the vessel’s official launch.  


Houston Automobile Dealers Association

The Clifford Group has long-standing relationships with several leaders in Houston’s automobile industry. At the dealer level, we have promoted individual businesses through special events, award nominations, media relations and more. At the industry level, we have promoted the Houston Automobile Dealers Association through large-scale special events, community programs and other public relations activities.

Mayor Lee P. Brown, City of Houston

The Clifford Group produced over 50 successful events for Mayor Brown during his three terms in office. Our team worked with the mayor’s staff to identify key opportunities for strategic engagement, including discussion of individuals, groups and communities to spotlight. The Clifford Group established budgets for the events and secured private funding to cover costs. Our responsibilities also included event management, invitation design and distribution, event registration and media coordination.